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Our Story

In loving memory of our beloved Winston Parker (Westie), who was our chosen hello and hardest goodbye. To commemorate his life we will donate a percentage of our sales towards canine cancer research.

Founded in 2019 in memory of our beloved Winston Parker (Westie), we customize pet clothing that caters to pet lovers of any Greek Letter Organizations (GLOs). Yes, we are stepping tall with our fur-babies. It is no secret; we absolutely love our fur-babies! And, without a doubt, we love to spoil them! We now have a pet clothing line that highlights the colors of various greek organizations.

Winston & Company Fur Greeks is YOUR fashion destination for the most fashion fur-ward pets. This one-of-a-kind brand puts a classy, trendy, and exciting twist on our distinctive fashion for pets. Our unique styles and colors are sure to turn heads, wag tails and woof about this fabulous clothing line. Our goal is to deliver premier quality products and pawsitive customer service in a timely manner.


Winston & Company Fur Greeks has a wide range of collections that include: luxury sweaters, polo shirts and denim apparel. Our College/University sweaters and T-shirts will make you howl, as it signifies YOUR alma mater. Have your fur-babies strut in apparel that provokes the rich heritage and uniqueness of your college's history.

Meet the owner Renna Ebron and her girls!

Welcome to the premiere world of Winston & Company Fur Greeks.

~ Renna Ebron

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